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Volunteer program

Voluntarily work

Where:                       Ho Chi Minh City, south of Vietnam
How long:                  The program can be done from 2 until 12 weeks
Start program:           Every 1st or 3rd Monday of the month
Arrival:                       Airport Ho Chi Minh City
Accommodation:        Hotel in the center of the city or nearby the project
Projects:                      The Center of Rehabilitation and Support for Handicapped Children
                                                Cu Chi Free Education Project in Cu Chi (not yet available)


Care4theKids is currently cooperating within 2 projects in Viet Nam where volunteers can be placed:  The Center of Rehabilitation and Support for Handicapped Children" in Ho Chi Minh City and the "Cu Chi Free Education Project" in Cu Chi. Both projects are in Viet Nam.
Two projects  where they can well need physical and financial support.
Within both projects the concern is about children. Children who now have no future perspective as their parents have no money to provide them e.g. well education or buy them even food!

will undertake necessary efforts to make a difference for these children. We would like to do that with you as a volunteer!

"The Center of Rehabilitation and Support for Handicapped Children"

In Ho Chi Minh City, in the middle of the city, is the project "The Center of Rehabilitation and Support for Handicapped Children" (CORSHC).
is asocial/medical shelter for physical and mental disabled children from very poor families. This project is not only in an urgent financial need but also need physical support. It gives at the moment shelter to 70 children of which 20 children are living permanent at the shelter. They have no parents or family to rely on.

Within the project they lack the knowledge but also they have insufficient financial resources to provide the children the support which they really need so hard. In Vietnam there is less knowledge about education for children who are mentally disabled. These children therefore have no future and stay mostly at home.
Together with the persons working at this project Care4theKids has set up a plan to make a difference for these children and provide them a future.
The cooperation between the project and Care4theKids
is especially focussed at the support of education where as result these children can be more independent in the future. In July 2012 we started with 2 classes for children with limited abilities and 1 class for children who are underweighed due to a shortage of (nutritious) food. This will be expanded and hopefully in the future we start more classes!

The tasks you will perform as a volunteer within this project is supporting the lessons within the classes. Of course you also will be able to share your ideas and, in agreement, give lessons as well. Next to that you can individually help children to get them at a higher education level. After the lessons the children get their meal. A lot of these children cannot do this themselves and do need help. It would be appreciated if you can support them with this. Within this project we can use volunteers who are experienced with children with a mental handicap, Down Syndrome or autistic children, but this is not a requirement.

"Cu Chi Free Education Project"

Care4theKids cooperates with The Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in Vietnam, the Community of Cu Chi at the Cu Chi Free Education Project.
The Cu Chi Free Education Project is a school where children can get free education because these children has no birth certificate, stay permit or their parents are too poor to let their children attend a school. The Cu Chi Free Education Project offers 110 children a stimulating and safe environment where children can learn and play with their friends. Here they are appreciated, respected and listened to.
But… the children only attend a half day at school. That means the children are in the afternoon wandering at the streets or they have to (no matter their very young age sometimes) have to work with their family to survive.

The cooperation is focused at improving the living conditions of the children and give them an opportunity at better future.
We want to take care that the children get a daily nutritious meal and that they can attend school in the afternoon as well. Beside the regular education program we would like to offer them sports & play, creative skills, music, drama, socical skills, computer lessons and English grammar lessons. We have set up, together with the people from the project,  a lunch- and education program to execute this. Education is nonetheless your future.

The activities which you will do as a volunteer is to support with the lunch and assist with the class programs in the afternoon.
There will be no alteration in the morning program and this is in the Vietnamese language.
It is a by the government approved teaching program which will be given in the same exact way. During the afternoon there will be more attention for sports and play, creative skills, music, drama, etc. As a volunteer you will support the teachers, but you will be able to share your ideas and teach where possible.

At the moment the volunteers program for this project is not available yet.
We can only start with the afternoon program as soon as we have sufficient sponsors. We are looking for people willing to sponsor the children and/or the lunch- and
education program.
We are completely dependant of gifts and donations. For further information www.care4thekids.nl

Volunteers program

You can do the volunteers program from 2 until 12 weeks.
If you are interested in a longer period please contact Care4theKids or send an email to info@care4thekids.nl

The program starts every 1 st or 3 rd Monday of the month during the whole year. Take in consideration that Christmas and the month August are free periods for the Cu Chi Free Education Project.
As the fact is that there will be always children (though less than usual) because their parents/caretakers are working, there will be a placement possible but the program will then be different.
When you arrive at Ho Chi Minh City there will be an airport transfer for you. During the whole program accommodation is arranged for you. During the week you will stay in a hotel in the center of the city of Cu Chi and in the weekend you will have the opportunity in Ho Chi Minh. For more information to the accommodation
Care4theKids has in Ho Chi Minh 2 voluntary coordinators. They will guide you with your voluntarily work and introduce you within the project at the place where you will work. You can always rely on them in case of help, questions or emergencies.
After you have ended the program you will receive back at home the Care4theKids Volunteer Participation certificate.

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