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Viet Nam, a country that recalls mixed feelings. At one hand the ongoing confrontation with the history of war, at the other hand the resilience of the Vietnamese people to conquer these problems caused by the war. Vietnam has a turbulent history with long lasting wars of which a result is that the industrial development has been severe obstructed.
The economy of the country who relies strongly at the revenues of rice and other agriculture export is in a state of transition. The expansion of foreign investing opportunities has led to a ‘transfer’ of new technology and knowledge to Vietnam, an increase of job opportunities and as a result a lot of poor families are able to escape from the poverty and improved their living conditions and situation.
But still almost 30% of the Vietnam population is living under the poverty line!
In Viet Nam yearly hundreds of children are born with a handicap, a handicap that can be treated at once in The Netherlands. Despite the fact that this is also becoming more regular Viet Nam it is not the same as in The Netherlands. Unfortunately in the rural and poor areas there is still a serious behind and families has to suffer.
During the war tons of “Agent Orange” has been scattered over the country. “Agent Orange” is a high poisonous defoliant, and it still can be found in the ground, water, mud and sand.
And because of this it gets into the food chain of humans and animals. In short, it already has caused millions of victims in the past but it still has its effects on children to be born as the number of birth defects is high.
It is not unusual that even nowadays handicapped children are delivered to orphanages, as parents cannot take care of a handicapped child due to financial and practical reasons.

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