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" The Center of Rehabilitation and Support for Handicapped Children"
Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, in the middle of the city, is the project “The Center of Rehabilitation and Support for Handicapped Children”.
This project is a shelter for physical and mentally disabled children from very poor families. This project is not only in an urgent financial need but also need physical support.
It gives at the moment shelter to 80 children of which 20 children are living permanent at the shelter, they have no parents or family to rely on. The shelter has a capacity for 150 children… but then a thorough renovation is needed for the whole building. For example there is a short of well working sanitary facilities.
Next to this they would like to learn and know how to take better care of these children. They cannot educate the children as they lack the knowledge about how to work with these children.

In Viet Nam is little knowledge about education for disabled children. These children have no future and usually sit at home.
Together with the people involved in this project Care4theKids will draw up a plan to make a difference for these children as well and offer them a better future and care.
We will work together and build a nice safe haven for these children.
The cooperation between this project and Care4theKids is especially focused on support in giving education which also these children in the future will be more self-helping.
In July 2012 we started with 2 classes for mental and physical disabled children and 1 classroom for children with an underweight by shortage of food. After two years there already 7 classes. Also a class for autistic children, but also classes for children with multiples disabilities.

This project plan is further developed in a "Education Development Plan"
. Within this project we want to deploy volunteers for support in the classes but also for traning the teachers.

"Education Development Program"

A wonderful cooperation has been established between Passend Onderwijs Zuid-Kennemerland (POZK), The Center of Rehabilitation and Support for Handicapped Children (CORSHC) and Care4theKids. The main objective for this cooperation is to enhance the development within the CORSHC by lifting up the skills of the teachers and the education to a higher level. For this reason a project plan has been developed, which is called Education Development Program (EDP).
Within this project plan we have, amongst other things, set up the main targets at the Centre. And of course they are focused on educational programs.
What is essential in the education to children with "special needs"? What could be the issues or questions the teachers at CORSHC have? How can we use the expertise of the Dutch teachers to develop the teachers skills in Ho Chi Minh? Those are some of the questions which forms the fundament of the projectplan.

The questions who are now actual at the teachers in Vietnam are basically focussed at how to create a curricullum (learning guides) that fits the students, matching the need of education and the level of the students and how to organise the lessons so that they are efficient and structural in a day program.
These are issues that teachers in the Netherlands also have encountered and due to their experiences they can help the teachers in Vietnam with improving their skills.
We have been working on these items already in the summer of 2012 and 2013 and recently in February 2014. We have noticed positive results that with the EDP Project plan the teachers and volunteers are able to continue and take over each others efforts and work in a progressive line.

In May 2014 we have been starting with the recruitment of teachers (to become volunteer) and who are working at schools which are attached as member of the POZK. As a result in October 2014 the first volunteers of POZK be going to Vietnam.
But next to that we welcome everyone who has gained experience in education or with ‘special need children’ to become volunteer and contribute to the Education Development Program.

If you are interested in more information about the Education Development Program or would like to become part of it please contact Floor Oostendorp  ( or Henriette Dijkstra (

Note: It is good to know that also volunteers without eductional experience are more than welcome at the project CORSHC.
We can use many hands and there is enough work to do.

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