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Team Care4theKids


Team Care4theKids in the Netherlands

Henriëtte Dijkstra: founder/chairman

After 3 years of voluntarily work in Asia, which I enjoyed very much, I was also very impressed by the work. This feeling became stronger and kept on growing so I decided to do something with it.
Out of the notion and the passion to mean something for underprivileged children I founded Care4theKids. Helping each other and working together for a better future for children in need, to give children attention and love but also care and education. I have these children closed into my heart and they are worth the investment!”
You can reach me at

Klaas Honing - treasurer

It can make a big difference at which place your babycrib was.
For us it is rather common that we have food, that children go to school and that they have toys to play with. Unfortunately this is not common for everyone in the world!
I have seen this with my own eyes and such an experience will make everyone speechless!
All children deserve attention, love but also a future. This is why I contribute my part to offer these children a better future.”

Wilma Gul - secretary

My name is Wilma Gul. I live and grew up in Egmond. I work since 1981 as a dental assistent. For use overall well-being is a healty teeth important.
Fortunaly, it's wel regulated with the mouth hygiene in the Netherlands. Unfortunaly, that's not anywhere in the world naturally. In a lot of countries children never go to a dentist.
I support Care4theKids because they can make a big difference with small resources. The youth has the future and a good start is important in your life.
For some children is the help of Care4theKids one push in the right direction.

Ronald Croese - member of the board

My father's family and grandparents were born and raised in Asia.
I am travelled a several times to Asia and was very impressed by the living conditions of the children and especially the look in their eyes, a look that told a lot.
The future lies in the hand of the children, but they must have the means to grow up and go to school.
I am happy to join the team of C4tK to work on the future of these children.

Floor - project manager education

My name is Floor Oostendorp. I help primary schools, in the region Zuid-Kennemerland, to improve the quality of education. The question is always: How can schools arrange her education to the educational needs of all pupils at the school? The teachers are important: they make the difference! And that applies everywhere in the world!

It's a great challenge to me to put me in, for increasing the skills of teachers, on the projects of Care4theKids.

Team Care4theKids in Viet Nam

Ms. Thi - volunteer coordinator and translator

Ms. Binh - volunteer coordinator

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