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Care4theKids cooperates together with The Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Missions in Vietnam, the Community in Cu Chi, the Cu Chi Free Education Project.
The Cu Chi Free education project is a school where children can get free education because the children are not entitled to get education as they have no birth certificate, stay permit or their parents are too poor to let them attend school.
The Cu Chi Free Education Project offers 110 children a stimulating and safe environment, where children can learn and plays with their friends. Here they are appreciated, respected and listened to.

But … the children can only attend half day at school! The project does barely have enough resources to provide them half a day school. This means the children have to live (or survive) the afternoon at the streets or they have to work (no matter their young age) for their family.

The cooperation is focused on improving the living conditions of these children and offer them a better chance at a prosperous future.
We will take care that these children get a nutritious meal every day and that they can go to school as well in the afternoon. Education is your future!

We are looking for sponsors for these children. By sponsoring one or more of these children you are helping them to a better future.

Just make a difference for only USD 18,00  a month!

For USD 18,00  a month you can support one of the children at the Cu Chi Free Education Project with an education program and are we able to take care for a daily nutritious meal.  
Will you sponsor a child? Go to "MEET THE KIDS" and apply to become a sponsor of a child.

Lunch- and educational program

It is our intention that we can offer the children of The Cu Chi Free Education Project a nutritious lunch every school day. The costs for amongst others a cook, the gas where to cook at and the ingredients are payed for a relevant part through this sponsorprogram.
Next to that we would like to have the children brush their teeth daily. Therefore we need some toothpaste and toothbrushes. A part of these costs will be financed through this program.

The educational program is intended to let the children to go to school as well in the afternoon.
We would like, next to the regular schoolprogram, offer these children also sports and play, creative skills, music, drama, social skills, computer lessons and English language lessons. This enlarges their opportunities to follow second education and with that a better future.
With the sponsorprogram for the education we can finance structural salaries, education materials and studybooks but also the energy costs for the school.
We will also make use of the local community to increase the chances within the community of Cu Chi.

Will you make a difference for these children and sponsor the lunch- and educational program? Let us know through underneath form.





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