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Voluntarily work

Costs Volunteer Program

Why do you have to pay being a volunteer? You already are selfless working for this project? This is a fair question which is asked by a lot of people and which is heard by volunteers around them.
The reason is simple; the organizations with which Care4theKids cooperates do not have self the possibilities and resources to accommodate the volunteers, transport them or guide them. No matter how good your help is, they cannot cover the costs for this
Beside that Care4theKids takes care of the costs for your preparations and coaching. We do not have a structural finance and are completely dependent of sponsors and donations.
Care4theKids main focus is to help as much as possible children in need and give them a chance for a better future. Donations and sponsor funds are completely to the different projects.
We are trying to keep the costs as low as possible, so that we can give the opportunity to as much as possible people to work there.

Number of weeks

Prices in Euro

* Prices are subject to change*

2 weeks


3 weeks


4 weeks


8 weeks


12 weeks


  • Prices in Dollars are subject to change due to market fluctuations – calculated currency is Euro

  • Underneath you can read what is included and excluded in the prices

  • Bear in mind that we are a non-profit organization and that your money is 100% for the support of the projects and the program in The Netherlands.

Explanation of costs

Within the program costs the following is included:

you will stay in a hotel in Ho Chi Minh or Cu Chi, there are no meals included. Your room disposes of an air-conditioning and a refrigerator. It is a standard single room. If you are with 2 persons and you would like to share a room together please do mention this explicitly.

Of course you will have a transfer from the airport. First day you will be brought to the project in Ho Chi Minh City as well as Cu Chi. The rest of the period transport is for your own expenses.

During your period as a volunteer there will be a volunteer coordinator helping you your way around within the voluntarily work and the projects. She will support you whenever needed and if you have any questions you always can ask her. She will take care you will be picked up from the airport and brought to the hotel. She will guide you on your first day at the project and introduce you. She will also regularly visit the project.

Assistance with the preparations:
Before your departure we will help you with all your questions or issues you may have. You will receive an information map with all information about voluntary work in Vietnam and the project.

as a proof of your participation in our activities for the projects you will receive a signed certificate from Care4theKids.

Donation project:
we also find it important that we support our projects financial, therefore a part of the amount you pay goes directly to the projects.

Project support Care4theKids
a small part of your contribution will be used by us to cover the costs of promotion, coaching and setting of the program. Next to that it will be used to create commitment in the Netherlands for help and development cooperation.
Without promotion and coaching our projects will face none or insufficient prepared volunteers on a long term and our help will not stand any longer.

Not included within the program costs are:

  • Flight ticket from/to Vietnam

  • Mandatory travel insurance

  • Visa for Vietnam

  • Vaccinations if needed

  • Other costs for meals and transport outside the program

  • Own costs for Internet, souvenirs, groceries, etc.

  • Excursions

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