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Care4theKids is supported by partners and sponsors to achieve our common goals and objectives. Helping each other and working together to provide a better future for children who really need our support
Many thanks for the support!

  • Ms. Antoinette Terberg

  • Fam. Schröder

  • Fam. Meinardi

  • Ms. Annemieke Duits

  • Fam. Huisman

  • Ms. Maartje Janssen

  • Mr. Tsi Ho fan

  • Fam. van der Vlugt

  • Fam. Tanghe

  • Ms. Vos

  • Ms. Dijkstra

  • Flow trainingen

  • Ms. Sanders van Breukelen

  • Mr. A. de Mol

  • Brooklyn Business Consultants BV


Care4theKids thanks the following donors in the year 2014:

- Schuiteman Accountants en Adviseurs
- Jetmail BV, Hillegom
- C.H.A. Mutsaers, 's Graveland
- Dhr. I.N. Hulea
- Martin Zonderop

And in the year 2013:

- Wijdemeren Auto's
- Mevr. G. Kruyning
- Schuiteman Accountants en Adviseurs
- Mevr. T. van Kempen
- Groep 7 Jozefschool, Nederhorst den Berg
- Reinout en Fleur Huisman
- Dhr. de Haan
- Restaurant 't Swaentje (dhr. M. Groen), 's Graveland
- Brooklyn Business Consultants BV
- Floor Oostendorp en familie en vrienden (benefietdiner oktober 2013)
- Jetmail BV, Hillegom
- Mevr. E. Galesloot
- Stichting Wereldwijs (donatie voor educatiematerialen)
- Royal Sens Rotterdam
- Dhr. de Haan
- H. Liesting
- G.J. Kok

And everyone who has donated but which we don't know the name !

And in the year 2012:

- Ms. G. Kruyning
- Mr. A. van Zon
- Ms. C. Bockweg
- Employees of REC REaCtys for deployment during the art auction 12 april 2012
- Fam. J. Honing
- Schuiteman Accountants en Adviseurs
- Veko Lightsystems and attendees for the opening of the building 14 juli 2012
- De Schrijfvriend, Gerda Broekstra
- Janine Veen and Mascha van Buiten (and all sponsors) for their commitment and organization of a sponsor action and cycling for Care4theKids.
- Mr. en ms. Dirksen
- Mr. A. Hermans
- Just Entertaiment BV
- Ms. R. Heus and mr. H. Wolfkamp
- Mr. A. de Mol
- Ms. S. Schoon and mr. J. de Vries

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