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Mineral water C4tK


Mineral water, special bottled for Care4theKids

Special for Care4theKids there are bottles with mineral water of "THEONI" from the springs of Goura, in Greece, bottled.
The bottles have a nice label with the logo of Care4theKids. The proceeds from the sale of the bottles goes to Care4theKids. This will be used to let go children from the Cu Chi Free Education Project to the secondary school.

Mineral water

The bottled water "THEONI" is real spring water from the naturally sprouting springs of Goura, at an altitude of over one thousand meters. These springs are located in the forest "Vatsounia" of Mouzaki Municipality of Karditsa. The springs in this region are part of Penios river water basin. Basic topographical data describing the terrain of the springs is in the elevation changes, the various slopes and creases.

The area of the springs for the "THEONI" water is in the western fringes of the "Itamos" mountain and the southern outskirts of the "Koziaka" mountain, which are part of the Agrafa mountain range.

The earthly sprouted (artesian water) springs of Goura at an altitude of over 1000 meters are also providing the drinking water of the residents of Vatsounia. The water source of Goura springs from their underground reservoirs never ends and a part of this is bottled by AHB Group SA, under the name "THEONI".

"Theoni" is, as it became known from the memories of the elders in the area, the name of the spring fairy in the region.


To order by:                    24 bottles a 0,5 liter
umber pieces in box:      24 bottles a 0,5 liter
Price:                             € 0,75 per bottle/ €18,00 per box (plus shipping)
rdering:                        using the form below or by email: henriette@care4thekids.nl

The sale of the bottles is a fundraising activity of Care4theKids. The proceeds will entirely benefit the goal of Care4theKids: A better future for underprivileged children.



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