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Free Education


The Congragation of Sisters of our Lady of the Missions in Vietnam
The Community of Cu Chi
"Cu Chi Free Education Project"

In Cu Chi we cooperate with the "Cu Chi Free Education project" of The Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Missions in Vietnam, the Community of Cu Chi. This school for free education is for children who cannot attend a public school. Cu Chi is a poor area just outside Ho Chi Minh City. The parents of these children do not have the resources to offer their children education. The majority of these children are from an emigrant family and have no permanent stay permit and/or no birth certificate. Because this they are not able to get education. The government does not support them.

This project is at the rural area and without this project the children cannot get any education at all. The children only go to school in the morning and in the afternoon either the children have to work for the family or they are left alone as their family has to work. Wandering at the streets, stealing or begging.

The project would like to offer these children the opportunity to be the whole day at school There are just not enough resources, both financially and physically, for the children to offer a lunch and an afternoon program. At this moment the project has actually already not enough resources to pay the salaries of the teachers. They note that donations is becoming less and less. At the time that this is going on, the children can’t longer go to this project to get education. This means that the children really have no future.

Care4theKids wants to do something for these children. Also these children deserve a good future!
Care4thetheKids made, together with the people of this project, a plan to realize a whole day education and to offer a lunch for these children. As soon as the children are able to attend the school the whole day we will, next to the regular educational program, provide them with sport and play, creative hand skills and English lessons. To realize this we want to work with people of the local community. Also they can build their future.

For this project we are looking for sponsors for the children. See Sponsor a Child!

The latter is partly realized. In February 2013 we started the lunch program. The children get the upcoming period twice a week a healthy lunch offered. Care4theKids was at the start of lunch. Great to see how 110 children are eating!

The months before the "sisters" of the project were very busy with fixing up the kitchen, to purchase all amenities and finding a cook. In addition, two older girls of the project  help during lunch. They may not to continuing education because of the lack of a birth certificate. In this way they do have some work experience in a protected environment. To do this, they receive a small fee.

We would like to thank
everyone who helped make this happen! Great!

Vegetable garden

In May 2014 we started with the construction of a vegetable and fruit garden (sponsored by Nic. Oud Direct Mail). With this garden it would be possible to harvest the production for own use at the lunch.
Also we will educate those who are responsible for the garden to become real gardeners.
But also educational programs will be set up for the children how to deal with a garden and how or when things are growing.
And we started with the construction of a playground (thanks to Jeannet van der Vlugt). We already have started with setting up goals so there can be played soccer soon!

Until december of 2014, we can continue the lunch at least for  two days a week
This isn't possible for 5 days a week. We have, unfortunately, not enough sponsors. The number of children has grown from 110 to 150 pupils. This makes the cost of the lunch program increased. If you have ideas or would like to sponsor the lunch program? Please, let us know

More cooperation with The Congregation

Extra help for 3 families

Care4thekids is proud to inform you that through support and gifts we can offer 4 children to go to a regular school.

They are:
- Kim Áns, 15 jaar, level 8 (secondary school)
- Thu Sủỏng, 11 jaar, level 5 (primary school)
- Quŷns Nhủ, 7 jaar, level 2 (primary school)
- Anh Thi,11 jaar, level 6 (primary school)

The 2 fathers of the first 3 named children cannot find a job and they now work in the garden of the Free Education Project.
They receive a reimbursement from the The Congregation. This is enough for the life maintenance of the family but not enough to let the children attend school.
Next to this there is a family that takes care of another family (next of kin) of which the father has left. Unfortunately there is not enough money to let the children of the second family also attend school. All the children do have a birth certificate and are entitled to attend a regular school.
After a conversation with the father and Sister Dominique we decided to pay the tuition fees for the family for this year. One of the children stayed already at home as the tuition fees were not paid yet. But we can inform you now that she is now again back to school.

Children from ‘secondary school’ on their way to independence

Twelve children who came from  the Free Education Project are now attending ‘secondary school’. The Congregation is paying the tuition fees for these children (that is why they were in the Free Education Project earlier)
Three of them, Minh Trĭ, Than Quý en Quỳn Nhu are completely on their own now as they do not have next of kin nor a family who can take care of them. These children have to take care of their own life maintenance. Because of their study they cannot work and earn money. We support them with a food-program. They will receive a fee on a weekly base so that they can take care of their own food. This will also be an educational program in which they learn to handle their finances and money. This is taken care of Sister Dominique.

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