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Book Sống! C4tK


Kinderen in Vietnam, leven met toekomstperspectief
(Children in Viet Nam, life of the future)

To bring attention about the daily the life of Vietnamese children, makes Care4theKids a beautiful photo book Sống! This means in the Vietnamees language Live!
shows children in the daily living enviroment. Through beautiful pictures and a candid interview with Henriette Dijkstra, chairman of Care4theKids, we introduce a world where we now a little of. A lot of parents are so poor that the children cannot go to school and have no good nutrition. Care4theKids support these children. Through the beautiful photos, created by photograf Ineke Vernimmen, is immediately clear that the money, that the foundation receives by donations, comes on the right places. Also the money the reader spent to buy the book goes entirely to needy kids.

Information about the book:

Title:             Sống! Kinderen in Vietnam, leven met toekomstperspectief
Finish:          Hardcover, sewn bound
Languages:  Dutch
Price:            25,00 euro + 10,00 euro shipping costs (outside Netherland)
Appears:      Already appeared
Publishing:   Care4theKids

For more information about the book or you will order one or more books, contact Henriette Dijkstra by email,
You can also order books through the order form at the bottom of this page.



Below an impression of the book


Order form for the book Sống!


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