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"Meet the Kids"


Sponsor a child of the Cu Chi Free Education project!
Make a difference for them!

Underneath you can find an overview of the children who you can sponsor to provide them a nutritious meal every day and they can attend a whole day at school. You can choose a child yourself but we can do that as well for you. As every child deserves a prosperous future. As soon as there are enough sponsors we start (for all children) with an extra 2 afternoons a week the education program. But we hope of course we will reach enough sponsors so the children can attend 5 whole days at school.
Will You Help Care4thekids Help?

You can already make a difference for USD 18,00 per month!

You can apply as a sponsor for one of the children through the form!



1 child (USD 18,00)
2 children (USD 36,00)
3 children (USD 54,00)
4 children (USD 72,00)
5 children (USD 90,00)





" Meet the Kids" of the Cu Chi Free Education project!
= this child already has a sponsor

Class 1


Ai Vi  

Chi Giau

Chi Khang

Chi Vy  

Cong Chi

Dai Nghia

Danh Minh

Danh Tha

Duc Duy

Duc Huy

Hai Dang

Hoai Nam

Hoang Manh

Khanh Duy

Khanh Ly

Kieu Hoa

Kim Hoa  

Minh Duy

Minh Nhat  

Minh Thu

My Hang

My Hoang

Ngoc An

Ngoc Giau  

Ngoc Nga

Ngoc Thao  

Ngoc Vy

Nhat Hao

Phong Nha

Phuoc Nghia

Phuoc Sang

Quoc Kiet


Quynh Nhu

Sana (Thao)

Tan Phu 

Thanh Hieu

Thanh Mai

Thanh Phong

Thanh Qui 

Thanh Sang

Thanh Tai

Thanh Thao  

Thuy Duong

Thuy Lieu  

Tri Toan

Trong Vy  

Van Cam

Van Khang

Van Khiem

Van Nghia

Van Sinh

Van Ty


Be Tham
Chi Cuong

Chi Tai

Danh Minh

Hoang Vu

Huynh Duc
Van Hung

Class 2

Anh Thu

Cao Loc

Chi Linh

Danh Thiet

Duc Phuc

Gia Huy

Hong Truc


Khac Qui

Kim Hong

Kim Tuoi  

My Hang

Ngoc Loi

Nhat Nam

Nhu Ngoc

Pat Hau

Phuong Anh

Quoc Dung

Son Sang 

Tam Dan

Thanh Dat

Thanh Mai

Thanh Tam


Thi Thanh Thao 2004

Thi Thao 2006



Van Ha

Van Hieu

Van Nguyen

Van Trong
Van Toan
Le Hang

Do you want to sponsor a child? Use the form on this page.

If you want to meet more children of  the other classes of the Chu Chi Free Education Project?
Go to "Meet the Kids" 2.

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